Setting the standard for the future.

We assess it...

We plan it...

  • Workforce Planning

  • Recruiting and Retention Strategy

  • Retained Talent Search: Screening Interviews, Selection Process, Skill Assessment and Performanance Analysis

  • Technology and Skill Analysis  




Designing organization process to exceed mission critical goals.  Assessment of internal and external resources, current processes, organizational flow chart, human capital strategy, technological capabilities and performance outcome analysis. Our Consulting Focus: 



Practice Areas:

  • Healthcare: Specialty practice management and referral human capital consulting  

  • Construction:Project partnerships, including diversity and inclusion

  • Corporate/ Small Business: New business strategy/ Business development 

  • Education: Workforce Training partnerships, College to career partnerships and workforce development

  • Financial Services: Relationship management and Business Development 

  • Hospitality/ Sports and Entertainment: Talent recruiting, special and event project management

Community Impact Consulting:  Across all business sectors, we advise clients on key stakeholder engagement through impactful philanthropy and Corporate Social responsibility to benefit the community served and corporate citizenship.  



What makes Worthington Advisory unique: We review, analyze and audit performance, results and engagement through the lens of global, inclusive opportunities and measurable outcomes. 

Strategic Planning
What is your "why?" Establishing the vision, mission and measurable goals to align accordingly.

Shared vision. Full day or multiday strategic planning process confirming vision, direction and desired outcomes you to track measurable goals and objectives. 


Workforce Planning
SMART Talent Planning: Assess goals and measurable performance outcomes using the SMART Goal planning. 








Who does what? How does individual contribution add value to the vision and mission? Organizational planning focuses on answering that question. We provide the process that allows a group to answer it quickly and clearly.


Team Retreats and Focus Groups
Engaged planning, communication and expectation management are among the key objectives of team retreats. Key stakeholders, including staff, board, vendors, clients/patients/customers lean in for understanding, growth development and forecast planning. 

Data Gathering
Gathering key intelligence to impact projects, objectives, execution and resource management
Collaborative design, relevant data and timely information presentation.

We grow it...

Worthington Advisory is a full-service community engagement consulting firm specializing in global, federal, state and local outcome based government relations, public affairs and strategic communications, and business advisory services including corporate social responsibility and high impact philanthropy. Our GR practice focuses on:

  • Public-private Partnerships with local, state, and federal government

  • Global Government Affairs

  • Community Relations and Community Impact

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • High Impact Philanthropy


What makes Worthington Advisory unique: Access. 

In depth data analysis. Existing relationships with community leaders, elected officials and partnership executives. 

We handle it...

Focused on results, customized business development plans are crafted by the Worthington Advisory team to:

  • Identify current and emerging target markets, access and business completion points

  • Support strategic relationship and sales cycle process management

  • Introduce new products, services, locations, leadership and staff

  • Expand networking presence in key organizations for impact and visibility

  • Drive growth with technology, interactive platforms, education/ training 

  • Consultative sales and presentation training with nationally recognized experts

What makes Worthington Advisory unique: Measurable business development programs to boost growth, revenue and market share.